A Journey of Self Publishing

When I decided to that I was really going to commit to writing this book and going the self-publishing route by releasing it on Amazon I surprised myself by doing some serious research. What was I getting myself into? Would it take up all my time? Would I ever make any money? 

One thing I did notice was that all of the people I was getting advice from keep some form of a journal of their self publishing journey. They blogged,  they tweeted,  they self-published more books. However the way they choose to express themselves,  they shared their journey and it helped me tremendously.  So here I am,  ready to share my journey,  in hopes it may help someone else in the future.  

Before I released “Luka Lion Learns About Patience” I had talked about writing a book my entire life.  After some much needed encouragement from my husband I decided to stop  taking about it and just do it.  I mean the worst that could ever happen was it never saw the light of day right? I sat down to write the rough draft early one morning before everyone woke up and finished it that very same day.  (Don’t be super impressed,  children’s books are pretty short, 🙂 ) But it seemed like finishing that  rough draft stirred something deep within me. I WANTED to release that book.  I wanted everyone in the whole wide world to read it. 

From that day to now I have basically gone none stop with this process and it’s definitely been trial and error.  I’ve gone through edits and hired an illustrator.  All of which have cost me more money than I liked,  but I believe in my work so that’s okay.  My book has berm in the Kindle store for a little over a week now and it’s been a very strange thing learning about  marketing. In a weeks time I have gotten a Twitter account,  Facebook fanpage,  and a website. So now I am figuring out the task of running them all! 

The bottom line so far on self -publishing: worth it. Yes, it’s hard and time 
consuming.  I have no idea what I’m doing but I’m working hard to figure it out and I am so excited to share my story with everyone!

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