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A Journey to Self-Publishing Part 2

It has officially been one week since I released my book on Amazon and I have sold… wait for it… one copy! And that was to myself! Ha! I did, however, have lots of free downloads during my promotional weekend and some great feedback and comments. Which was amazing! So what I have learned this week is a very big lesson in patience. I have no patience.


I read blog posts and articles about marketing that said it was important to create a following. You needed to create a place for your fans to get information about your work and to use social media outlets. Here I was with my solitary Facebook account and Pintrest page, it was safe to say I had a serious lack of followers. So I have spent the last week figuring out how to use Twitter and Facebook Fan pages. I’m getting pretty good actually. My problem now is it’s such a slow process! But, I know I’m being completely ridiculous. These things take time and I have to be patient. Which is very hard for me. But that’s the great thing that comes with writing, it can help you grow as a person. Writing is there to challenge you and help you grow. So that’s where I am. Sitting trying to grow. Sitting, waiting, writing, patiently…

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