Short Story- School Days

Tyler’s hands are very sweaty this morning. He didn’t think that was a very good sign. This morning he had picked out a new red t-shirt with a picture of a race car on the front of it and new pair of red sneakers. Red is his favorite color. His mom told him in the shoe store that these red shoes were extra special and they  would make him extra brave today. So far he thought his Mom had picked out the wrong shoes for bravery.
Dad’s car bumped along the road as they drove away from their house. Mom kissed him goodbye this morning and gave him a big hug. She promised to make him his favorite dinner tonight to celebrate him having a great day. Tyler wondered if she bought him great day shoes by accident.  The car continued down the road past his favorite park. The also passed his grandma’s house. He saw her dog Biscuit in the front yard. “Can we stop and say hi to grandma?” he asked. “Not this morning Tyler, we don’t have time,” Dad said as he turned down a different road. Dad. finally came to a stop in front of a large building with lots of windows. Large trees lined the front of the building and Tyler could see a small park on the side of the building. His Dad parked the car and turned to look at Tyler. “Are you ready Kiddo?” Tyler looked out the window at the building and nodded his head.  
Tyler held his dad’s hand as they went through the big double doors. They began walking down the hall dogging people as they walked into different doors and down hallways. Tyler thought that he could definitely get lost forever in these halls. After a few turns his Dad says, “Here we are.” They stopped in front of a large door that decorated with a paper worm crawling down the side. It said “Welcome” in big, bold letters. The worm was smiling at him from the door which made going inside not as scary. Tyler took a big deep breath and opened the door.
“Hi there! Who do we have here?” said a smiling brown haired woman. “This is Tyler.” Dad said smiling as he shook the woman’s hand. The smiling woman bent down and smiled at Tyler. “Hi Tyler, my name is Ms. Mya. I’m going to be your teacher this year. I’m so happy to have you in Kindergarten with us this year!” Tyler smiled back at Ms. Mya. She was nice. He thought kindergarten might not be so bad. “Okay Tyler, you’re first job will be to place your backpack on one of the hooks on the wall. Then find your name at one of the table so you’ll know where you’re chair is. That way we’ll be ready to start our day.” 
With his dad’s help, Tyler placed his backpack on one of the shiny hooks that was on the wall on the far side of the room. Then he went around all the table’s until he found one that said Tyler. When he found his name at Table 2 he knew it was time to say goodbye to his Dad. His dad gave him a great big hug. “I’ll pick you up after school Kiddo. I can’t wait to here all about your day.” Tyler waved at his dad as he took his seat. “Bye Dad!” More boys and girls came in and put their backpacks on the shiny hooks and began to find their seats. When the last Moms and Dads said goodbye for the day it was finally time to start the first day of kindergarten!  
“Good Morning boys and girls! Welcome to Kindergarten!…”


All rights reserved (c) 2017 Chassidy Ramsey

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