A Journey of Self Publishing-Part 3

Today was Halloween. Now my family is not particularly into the holiday per say, but we would not pass up a reason to be silly and get candy. So instead of staying hunched over my laptop today as usual, I decided to take a much needed break. The family and I headed out to our town’s annual “trunk or treat” festivities.

After a solid mile of walking around and more candy bars than my son will know what to do with we came home and I have found myself renewed and ready to attack this thing called self-publishing.

I was fortunate enough to come across the article “7 Reasons for Self-Published Authors to Give Thanks This Year” by Outskirts Press. The article looks at all the outlets available to independent authors for promoting their books. Outlets such as social media, Amazon Goodreads, and Blogs are a few of the most effective methods.
This week I have been working on marketing on Facebook. I’ve had the pleasure of joining several different types of interest groups. I’ve had the chance to join some Authors Groups and Self-Publishing Groups. By joining the groups I’ve had the chance to read several great books by some other children’s authors. I’ve got to see how they have formatted their books and what their content has been and that has been very helpful. I was able to help them out too by giving them a review on Amazon so I’m supporting my author community!  Connecting with people is a slow process but I enjoy seeing how other people work and their products. It’s been a great learning experience.


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