The Ultimate Guide to Mom-Tasking

As I have gotten older I’ve thought a lot more about who I am. I’m a writer and a friend. I’m a daughter to wonderful parents and a sister. I’m also the wife of an amazing husband. As much as I love all those things I am most humbled to be mom to one amazing 6-year-old boy.  


Over the last six years one of the most important things being a mom has taught me is the ability to multitask. Sure, I have worked on this skill at many jobs, all through grade school and college. No job in the world prepared me for learning the ability to juggle accomplishing (insert appropriate number of items, I’m thinking a million) at the same time, finishing conversations while doing (insert millions of tasks) for another person, talking on the phone while(insert previous million tasks) and dealing with other people’s bodily functions.


Now that I have embarked on this journey of becoming a published author I find myself drawing on every “mom-tasking” skill I have in hope of accomplishing both helping my family to function, being mom, and beginning a successful career.  I will be that first to admit it is not easy. There are days I am overwhelmed. But I have a wonderful husband and amazing kid that help me . I also have developed a bit of a system to help as well. If you are in the place I am with a tremendous amount on your plate or starting a new adventure, I feel that these tips can help along the way.

  1. I wake up early. Well, I will say I wake up early on most days. My day starts around 5 a.m. on most days. I get a jump start on getting things accomplished before the day gets started by fitting in a trip to the gym. Some days, I’ll get up early to write.. My family leaves the house by 7 every day, so if I can fit in some tasks before everyone wakes up I am all for that.
  2. As important as getting up early is getting quality sleep.  Of course, as any mom knows, there are days when you have the best intentions to go to bed early and it plain does not happen. Still, we do our best to be in bed between 9 and 10 at night.  I am a big fan of natural sleep aids. They ensure that you won’t be drowsy the next day. Huge plus for mom. Getting quality sleep means that I wake up the next day feeling rested and ensures I’m not a cranky mom all day. 
  3. My next tip is to focus on your goals. I had to focus on what was important to me and my family. Even if it was things as simple as everybody getting out of the house clean and with their teeth brushed. Make a routine with that priority set and stick to it.  Since I have embarked on this writing adventure, our normal routine has suffered lately. We are all adjusting to a new routine that includes Mom sitting at her computer for hours. This way we all ensure everything gets done and we still have time to spend with each other.
  4. Once you have your priorities set, then you get organized! I am all about organization! Make a plan on how things go, the where and the why. Stick to them everyday. Make the routine a habit. Get baskets, get labels, get hangers, clean out closets. Do whatever you need to do that will clear out clutter and make your day run as smooth as possible. 
  5. One of the most important tips I can tell you is not to forget to take care of yourself. Get a pedicure, buy the fancy coffee once in a while, wander down the clearance isle of Target. Do the things that make you feel great now and then. Don’t worry, you deserve it.
  6. Last but not least, my favorite rule, remember to have some fun!  Being a mom is an amazing thing, but it can be all to easy to be stuck in busy, doing everything mode and forget to relax. I know that I am guilty of it. Watch a movie with your little ones. Read a book. Go outside and play in the yard. Do the thing that makes you and your family feel great, whatever that might be.  You will never regret having fun with the people you love. 



Multitasking is a great skill, but it is far from learned over night. I’m not in the least bit saying that I am great at multitasking only because I’m a mom. I’m not saying that moms are better at multitasking than dads. What I am saying is that I feel that being a mom is where I have perfected that particular skill. I am learning to use all the mom jobs I do to help me be not only the best mom I can be, but the best aspiring author I can be. 


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